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The Kingdom of Maui: A Photographer's Journey

Explore the islands of Maui County like you’ve never seen them before! Mike takes viewers on a journey into some of the most remote and majestic areas in all of Hawai’i. From Maui to Moloka‘i to the island of Lāna‘i, the images, stories, cultural proverbs and legends will inspire and leave you breathless. Get your copy of The Kingdom of Maui today before they’re all sold out!

9″ x 12″ | 100 pages | full color | 200gsm fine art gloss paper | hardcover

Let Your Coffee Table Love You Again!

See why this book has consistently been in the top 5% of ALL BOOKS sold on Amazon! It's easy to see why this is such a highly acclaimed and award-winning book!

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“I’ve been checking my mailbox daily for my book. It arrived yesterday and I went straight to the couch to start going through it. I was not disappointed! The photos are incredible and the stories sharing history are a great addition. After I closed the book I was sad to see I was in North Carolina. I had traveled to Maui in a matter of minutes. I am going to appreciate the beauty of Maui that much more in September!”

- Jamie Neely

“We received your photography books yesterday and were completely blown away by the quality of the photographs. Each one is a gem! I grew up on Maui and the Maui you have captured on these pages is even more beautiful than the one I remember!”

– Pam Kato Klebanov

“Today I received the most beautiful photography books in the mail. WOWowowowowowowWOW! Page after page of amazing photographs. I could hardly believe when there was yet another page of beauty….. I am speechless and awestruck. thank you thank you! You have drawn us all closer to God. Yep!”

- Peggie Bruening Wilkie

“I got the 2 books I ordered today. I am so thrilled with the end product and it was so worth the wait. The details you added just enhance the photos that much more. Looking forward to adding to my collection maybe some Southern Utah, Arizona pics when you get that collection together. I hope. My best to your success.”

- Cherrie Raetz

“OMG; I finally sat down to go through your book – I thought it would just be gorgeous photographs; but oh no – added are beautiful quotes and Hawaiian history and folklore – I am thrilled to have this proudly displayed on my coffee table!!”

- Aileen Teren-Foster

“EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of this book makes it my most favorite I’ve EVER read in my life. I am so happy to know YOU were behind the lens and I THANK YOU for the knowledge I now have of the Hawaiian culture. Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!”

– Danielle Janes

“I received my book in the mail today and WOW is it beautiful! I really love all the Hawaiian culture you added throughout. This is the best coffee table book I’ve ever seen. Thank you for bringing it to life!”  

- Caitlin Reeves

“WOW! You are certainly on another level than anybody else in terms of photography. A lot of people claim to be artists but you truly are one. This book is MAGNIFICENT! Hurry up and make another one! I want a whole collection of your photography books!!”

- Emily Everett

“Oh my goodness! I just opened my book and WOW, what a sight! Maui must be God’s favorite place on Earth! Thank you for capturing the magic of the islands! My jaw is literally hurting from falling on the floor with every turn of the page. This book is phenomenal!”

- Vanessa Jordan

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